It all started when…

Amanda Vaz - Designer and Owner

I grew up in the suburbs of Connecticut, with a NYC spirit. Always being the “creative type” drawing, crafting, and making anything that I could. Right out of High School I began courses in Fashion Design and Merchandising. While completing my studies I took positions in retail, design, and marketing. Shortly after it was time to pursue my entrepreneur dream. I began developing and creating fashion events, all while designing women’s apparel. It didn’t stop there….

Having a love for animals I decided to take my creativity into another direction, pet apparel. Chloe, my miniature pinscher instantly became my doggy model, from there a whole new chapter of innovation was created , Chlo & Co.

Chlo & Co is an innovative pet apparel line based in Connecticut. Everything is designed an created with your pet in mind. We offer custom orders as well as ready to wear designs.

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Amanda & Chloe